Appendix B

Product Sources

appendix_b Chin Velasquez, owner of Soothing Herbals, displays her homemade herbal cosmetics at the Staunton Farmers' Market in Staunton, Virginia.

Excerpt from p. 318

Cosmetics/Personal Care
Note: There are some fragrance-free products that are tolerable to people with MCS that are listed here. I DO NOT endorse products and companies that are still using toxic or unhealthy ingredients such as sodium laureth sulfte, TEA, DEA, and others. Some companies have some products that are cleaner than others and are listed here for their clean products. But I have not listed companies that use toxics in the majority of their products.
Choose Organics

Distributor of MiEssence and MiVitality products, certified organic products that are not tested on animals. Products include hair, face, and body care, cosmetics, toothpaste, and insect repellent. Creators say that they have been affected on a personal level by cancer and that they have a commitment to environmental and social justice. Website lists ingredients of all products so it is possible to screen items in detail before purchase. All products have a 100% money back guarantee within 15 days. The company also wants distributors.

Eco Bella offers lipsticks, eye makeup, and face powders. You can buy Eco Bella and a line called “Living Nature Lipsticks” from Terressentials. Many health food stores also stock these products. However, sadly, I see a trend for stores to replace these healthy lines with cheaper, fragranced, and more contaminated products. Eco Bella is also available from many on-line merchants and in health food stores. Note, however, that their cosmetics are purer than their other products.

Dr. Bonner’s organic cleaner is 100% biodegradable, and phosphate-free. Uses organic ingredients, avoids the controversial ingredients, uses recycled plastic bottles, and gives 10% of profit to charitable causes. Can be purchased from The Living Source or Janice’s. Or you can order on line from Value Nutrition at

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

Dr. Hauschka creates holistic preparations made with pure botanical ingredients. Most are grown, harvested and processed right on the premises and are organic or biodynamic and free of synthetic fragrances, preservatives and colours as well as genetically modified organisms. Not tested on animals.

Simmons Natural Bodycare

Sustainably powered, family-run company that prints catalog on recycled paper with soy-based ink. Many personal care products including soaps, hair care, bath and body, feminine hygiene, and others. Has many unscented products. Check ingredients on website; although soaps are pretty pure, hair care items contain problematic ingredients.

Soothing Herbals

A small rural business operated by an herbalist who personally makes all of the products herself using all organic and wildcrafted materials, many grown in her own garden. Chin Velasquez offers creams, oils, salves, powders, scrubs, sachets, and many other products.


Organic personal care products made on site that are not tested on animals and contain no animal products. The company also uses no coconut-derived highly processed emulsifiers or surfactants, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, no synthetic stabilzers (like cocamidopropyl betaine), no hydrolized proteins (extracting the protein molecule can create MSG), and no petrochemical fragrances or colors. Products are made in small batches on site. While their products are very clean, many do have essential oils for fragrance. There are some fragrance-free products. Website is very educational regarding toxins in cosmetics.


Founded under the guidance of Dr. Rudolf Steiner to create a natural medicine and personal care company. Plants are cultivated using organic and biodynamic methods and harvested at their peak time.

Excerpt from page 322-323:

Filters/Air and Water
Aquathin Corp.

Has large selection of water purifiers.

Austin Air Systems

Has a number of models of air purifiers.

E.L. Foust Co. Inc.

Whole-house and room air filters and water purifiers. You can request a HEPA that is all cotton with a minimum of other pollutants. Also sells books, face masks, and Dennyfoil aluminum reflective insulation vapor barrier (which can be used to seal off particleboard, plywood, and other substances that cause emissions).

General Ecology
Water Purifiers
Great Lakes, Indoors

Specializing in HVAC (home furnace/air conditioner filters). HVAC filters are carbon activated-designed for the removal of pollutants and odors. Activated alumina with potassium permanganate available.

NOTE: The website address for Great Lakes Indoors has been changed since the book was printed. The address above is correct. Please make a note in your book if you have one.

Multi-Pure Corporation
Pure Air Systems, Inc.

Comprehensive line of carbon and HEPA whole-house air purification systems.

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