Chapter 12

Miscellaneous Pathways: You Are Never Really Stuck

chapter_12 There are many pathways to healing. This beautiful organic garden can be one.

This chapter explores a variety of techniques and activities that people can use the help themselves cope with MCS and improve the quality of their lives.

Excerpt from p. 247:

Animal Companions

Animals can put you in touch with the natural world. Although you may not be able to tolerate certain types of animal hair or fur, some people are connected to and feel better around animals. There may be a way you can spend time with animals or even have an animal companion. If not a dog or a cat, then perhaps a turtle or a fish. Or, maybe you can have a small and beautiful aquarium or terrarium with your own lizard friends.

If you can’t have a pet, perhaps you can spend time with your neighbor’s dog or cat. Or, if you live in the country, even a cow. I have four cow pets and have seen that cows are fascinating animals who get even less respect than do people with MCS. Those of you who love animals might want to read some books by people who have special relationships or who have had healing experiences with animals. (See Appendix C for further reading.)


Perhaps you can nurture some medicinal plants, grow your own organic produce, or tend to certain types of flowers that make you feel good. It is sad that chemicals are driving many people with MCS indoors and away from the natural landscape. Assess whether it is possible for you to have some tomato plants in pots on your sunny porch, or a small plot of organic flowers that will provide you with beauty, exercise, fresh air, and a connection with the land. If you can’t have a plot, perhaps you can have one potted plant either indoors or outside. If you can tolerate it, something green and alive adds a vibrant, healthy energy to your life.

Learn to Sew with Organic Fabrics

There are many sources for organic cotton and hemp fabrics. If you are able to tolerate fabric, you might want to learn how to sew. You can make yourself some beautiful things to wear or to use in your home. You may have to detox the fabric before you can use it.

Invent Something Needed by the MCS or ES Community

You might have some idea for something that you can make and sell to others in the disability community. Can you make useful masks, aprons, a new type of air purifier, or a safe skin lotion? Many people have started small home businesses and are providing others with needed services. Perhaps you can add your own invention to the list and sell it through newsletters of the advocacy groups. Remember that many creative and enterprising people began simply. For example, the healthy homebuilder John Bower began by trying to make a safe home for his wife Lynn. Can you invent a chemical-free product and sell it?

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